Felicity-Franklin Local School District


Final Forms Process Gets Positive Feedback
Christy Laubach
Thursday, August 31, 2017

Our Final Forms conversion is underway and we are getting positive feedback from parents.   

One parent writes, “This final forms set up is AWESOME!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I have 3 kids and filling out their forms by hand used to be a nightmare. I cannot express how much I appreciate this change!!!”

 Another parent writes, “So glad this is finally happening!!! Yeah!”

 A third parent writes, “Was very easy!”

 We are very excited to be able to provide such a time-saving data management service to our parents.   We understand that it may take some parents a little extra time this year to log your email address with us and then complete the forms, but you will save so much more time at the beginning of each school year going forward.  Next year and each year after, you will only have to log in and check the information entered the prior year, and then confirm your forms.  Any time that you have a change to your student’s final form information, you can log into the final forms site to update that information, and the building secretary will be notified automatically that you have made that change.  You can go directly to the final forms site at https://felicity-oh.finalforms.com/  to make those changes throughout the year.  Parents can go directly to this site only if they have entered their email address in the district’s email registration link (FFLSD Parent Email Registration Link) and have confirmed their account by setting up a password.   Parents can also use final forms to sign up for an athletic team throughout the year and to pay your student’s pay to participate fees online.     

 If you haven’t yet completed your student’s final forms, you will need to follow these steps:

1) log your email address by going to our district website and click on the FFLSD Parent Email Registration Link. 

2) Within 24 hours you will get an email from Final Forms that you will need to open and click on the link to confirm your new final forms account.   This will then take you into the Final Forms system where you can begin completing your student’s forms. 

3)  If you have an elementary student, once the parent completes and signs their student’s forms you are finished.  If you have a MS or HS student, an email will be sent to their school email address so that they can log in to sign their forms as well.   

4.) If your forms are complete, signed by you, and your MS/HS student, the forms will turn a green color.  If they are red, you need to revisit that form. 

 If you do not have access to the internet either at home, the library, or a friend/relative’s house, you can call your building secretary to make an appointment to come in to use our computer. 

 Again, thank you parents, grandparents, and staff for supporting this new process.