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"We Get A Kick Out of Reading" at Felicity-Franklin Elementary!
"We Get A Kick Out of Reading" at Felicity-Franklin Elementary!
Jennifer Keller
Friday, October 05, 2018

The elementary school held the first reading competition of the year!  "We Get a Kick Out of Reading" was the theme and it was held from September 17-28.  During those two weeks, students in grades 2-4 were encouraged to read books and earn AR points by taking AR quizzes. We tracked individual and homeroom points.  The top readers were chosen weekly from each class and awarded posters.The top homeroom in each grade level at the end of the two weeks earned a slushee treat.  A soccer ball pictograph was on display to show which classes were in the lead. There was a total of 614.1 AR points earned overall!    

The individual winners for week 1-Taylor Henson, Danielle Brueggemann, Bella Swisshelm, Michelle Jones, Drew Davidson, Ronnie Bullock-Wilson, Shelby Swader, Cheyenne Conley, Brylee Lyons.  

The individual winners for week 2-Taylor Henson, Bella Swisshelm, Stella Ninichuck, Kaylee Rought, Jonothan Carr, Natalie Leigh, Ethan Saylor, Lilly Riddell, Brylee Lyons. 

Our next reading competition will be a basketball theme-"Shooting for Reading Success."