Welcome to Felicity-Franklin Middle School!

The middle school years are amazing years where students may remember those years as stressful, awkward and being insecure. At Felicity-Franklin Middle School, we are trying to change what many consider a typical middle school experience.

Our staff is hard-working, friendly and compelled to provide an assortment of positive experiences as well as positive learning environments for our students. Students are known individually and they are provided opportunities to learn with their peers. Our teachers are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of children. We teach using practices that will challenge your child: project-based learning, instruction that requires the highest levels of thinking, and instruction that pulls from subjects across the curriculum to build a better understanding of that content in different contexts.

The middle school’s goal is often to prepare students for high school. We want to do this, but also prepare our students for life. This is why our school is embracing the principles of Thriving Learning Communities. This program helps students to recognize and apply their own unique combination of strengths as they learn how to navigate the world. Using their strengths, students explore how to be the best version of themselves inside and outside of school.

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Please contact us at any time to visit or if you have questions. We value your input and your role as parent/guardian—it is clearly a shared mission to guarantee a quality education for your child.


Our mission at Felicity-Franklin Middle School is to ensure:

Success in acquiring academic skills;

Teamwork with students, parents, school personnel, and community;

Ambition toward achievement of academic and personal goals; and

Respect for ourselves, family, school, and community.

At Felicity-Franklin Middle School, all students will follow the three school-wide expectations.


Act with Pride

Respect Everyone

Demonstrate Responsibility