Welcome to the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment. One of the primary purposes of a school district is to educate all students to their highest levels through high-quality teaching and learning experiences. The Felicity-Franklin Local School District understands that every student has a unique set of strengths and challenges, and our educators are committed to providing a challenging, relevant, and supportive academic environment to meet each student’s needs.

CURRICULUM is WHAT is taught. It answers the question, “WHAT should students know and be able to do?” We are committed to continuously revisiting and developing a curriculum that builds knowledge, conceptual understanding, skills, processes, and attitudes necessary for students to be successful and competitive in a global society.

INSTRUCTION is HOW we teach. Educators in our district use high-quality, research-based strategies to ensure every student’s academic growth and development.

ASSESSMENT answers the question, “IS IT WORKING?” Through the use of high-quality, ongoing assessment practices, teachers will utilize data to determine the best practices and instructional shifts necessary for meeting the needs of all their students.

The Felicity-Franklin Local School District hired Tim Hart as Director of Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment in June of 2019 to continue the facilitation of work in those three areas. Dr. Hart will work alongside teachers, administrators, and the Board of Education to ensure teaching, learning, and assessment practices that are rigorous, relevant, and supportive for all students.