FFA members in Washington, D.C.

On, June 4, 2019, two Felicity Franklin FFA members hit the road and headed to Washington D.C. to attend the Washington Leadership Conference or WLC. WLC is an FFA Conference focused on developing student’s potential through premier leadership, personal growth, and career success. At the conference, students learn about diversity in agriculture, meet new people from across the country, and tour Washington D.C.’s monuments and museums.

Members Madison Baird and Landen Tull attended the conference. They stayed in rooms with other members from different states and according to Landen, meeting his roommates was a fun and new experience.  Madison when prompted said that the most fun part of WLC is meeting new people and learning about diversity in American agriculture.

The conference has given members the opportunity to see some of Washington’s most famous places including the Washington and Lincoln memorial, The Smithsonian Museum, and more. These members learned not only about their country’s history, but also furthered their knowledge in agriculture.

Felicity FFA Members Madison Baird and Landen Tull stand in front of the Capitol Building In Washington D.C.