Symptom Assessment Protocols

Good Afternoon,

As we continue to move forward I want to clarify the district's position as it relates to students feeling or being ill at school.

Based on the symptom assessment information that has been provided by the Clermont County Public Health department (CLICK HERE TO VIEW), Felicity students will be sent home if they complain of ANY of the listed symptoms. The only exception is for students that have a reoccurring medical condition that is documented with a physician’s note.

I understand that this is a very conservative implementation of the guidance.  It is my hope to maintain face to face instruction the entire school year.  I believe implementing this conservative approach when working with ill students is necessary to provide the safest environment for staff and students, which will in turn allow our schools to remain open for daily student attendance.

I am asking all of you for your patience and support as we all strive to keep our schools open and our students learning.

Thank you,

Dave Gibson