USDA Grant

Good Afternoon,

Yesterday, Mrs. Hazelbaker, Cafeteria Supervisor, shared that the USDA has provided grant money to schools that allows ALL students to receive free breakfast and lunch until December 31, 2020.  This grant only includes one lunch and does not cover any extras.  Students can still purchase extra.
Though this is a wonderful opportunity for ALL of our students and families, Felicity Schools still needs your help.  We need any family that thinks they would qualify for the free and reduced lunch program to still complete the forms this year. The free/reduced lunch application is located in Final Forms or by clicking HERE.  All applications must be completed on paper and submitted to Michelle Hazelbaker.

It is important for families to understand that the number of participants a district reports has a huge impact on how the State of Ohio calculates funding, as well as our district’s eligibility for future grants.

Please contact Michelle at 362-5355 if you have questions regarding eligibility or how to submit the required forms.

Thank you
David Gibson, Superintendent