FFA Parliamentary Procedure State Champs

Parliamentary Procedure is a competition in which FFA members perform a
meeting demonstrating a Parliamentary law in the setting of an FFA
meeting. In the meeting, FFA members set up and execute a meeting
overseen by a chairman with a secretary keeping minutes. The members
must debate on motions while using rules of parliamentary procedure. 
These FFA members worked very hard and have practiced for months as a
team preparing for the contest.  
On December 12, 2020, the Felicity Franklin FFA Novice Parliamentary
Procedure Team competed in the state competition virtually from Felicity-
Franklin High School. The team competed previously in sub-district and
district contests, coming in first place at both. FFA members on the Novice
Team were Addy Glassmeyer, Haley Broadwell, Gracie Davis, Faith
Jennings, Stacie Arthur, Emerson Pinger, Savannah Metzger, Kaylee
Jennings, Joanna Hamilton, Ayla Rutherford, and Emma Brandenburg. The
team also had two alternates: Eden Myers and Elizabeth Lindsey. The
team competed against 10 other schools from across the state and earned
first place. 

Exactly one week later, on December 19, 2020, The Felicity-Franklin FFA
Advanced Parliamentary Procedure team competed virtually at Felicity
High School. The team members were Luke Jennings, Carly McClure,
Audrey Pinger, Emily Hardewig, Alisha Boone and Emma Robertson. The
Advanced Parliamentary Procedure Team also earned first place among 10

The FFA members that competed in Parliamentary Procedure this year
have worked very hard and overcome many challenges in order to become
State Champions in a very competitive Career Development Event. Both
the Novice and Advanced Parliamentary Procedure teams will represent
Ohio at the national level at the National FFA Convention in 2021. 

Caption 1: The 2020 Advanced Parliamentary Procedure Team. (From left to right): Luke Jennings, Carly McClure, Emily Hardewig, Audrey Pinger, Emma Robertson, Alisha Boone. 

Caption 2: The 2020 Novice Parliamentary Procedure Team. (from left to right): Addy Glassmeyer, Haley Broadwell, Gracie Davis, Faith Jennings, Stacie Arthur, Emerson Pinger, Savannah Metzger, Kaylee Jennings, Joanna Hamilton, Ayla Rutherford, Emma Brandenburg.